Arts & Science Review

The Arts and Science Review showcases and celebrates student writing in courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science. The genesis of The Arts and Science Review and the inaugural issue ("Writing in Extraordinary Times"), lies in Dr. Maria Belén’s proposal during the onset of the Covid pandemic (2020) to create a digital publication featuring best student writing in Faculty courses. A committee of faculty members (Maria Belén Ordóñez, Kathy Kiloh, and Dot Tuer) volunteered to organize the publication and edit the first issue. Initial funding for the website was generously provided by The Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost, the Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers (CEAD), and the Faculty. The Review website is designed by Digital Futures student Nicole Vella. The faculty editorial team is constituted yearly. 

Maria-Belén Ordóñez, Kathy Kiloh, Dot Tuer, July 2020.