Issue Two

Writing Upside Down Worlds

The second issue of The Arts and Science Review, Writing Upside Down Worlds comes together after a year of critical study at OCAD University during a global pandemic where reflection, writing, and making urged critical and creative responses to familiar, as well as…


CRWR 2002
Introduction to Four Genres
Love’s Lethargy
  • Drucilla Gary
SOSC 3015
Bodies Mattering
  • Olivia Aguiar
SOSC 3001
Material Culture & Consumer Society
LeftoversThe Resurgence of Xenophobia in Chinese Cuisine
  • Meegan Lim
SOSC 3015
Bodies Mattering
They Speak of Change
  • McKenna Pipher
HUMN 3014
Feminist Theories
Blue Walkthrough
  • Charlotte Healey
HUMN 3015
The Classical Tradition
Meditations on Medusa
  • Avneet Dhaliwal
CRWR 1001
Study and Practice of Creative Writing
Upside Down World
  • Sophie Atkin