Love’s Lethargy

CRWR 2002

Introduction to Four Genres

A view of the lake.
Drucilla Gary

A clash of haggard horns
A colossal quarrel, then weapons discarded in dirt
War a waning moon, post-calamity quiet

Newly narcoleptic, I fall asleep in your arms
My ears grow points like an Elven prince 
Wicked is unwelcome 
Beauty blooms from our clammy palms

You tell me that heaven is a colander
It catches the good and the evil drains down in droplets
Peaceful poetry, party of two

Comfort came with a kerosene lamp
Walking the winding driveway to take me to kitchen
Rotted rinds collected in my liver left without proclamation
Fear that filled my brain turned to bile
Seeped out through my ears 

You tell me that in the world of the wakeless 
Angels with weathered wings absolve us of atrocities
Give us butterfly kisses and caress our cheeks 
Take sail boats across sparkling seas 
Dolphins dance 
Water spouting from blowholes like popped champagne 

Ink blots look like sleeping sheep 
Content cottagers, rhythmic rocking chair creaking on birch
Sipping orange pekoe tea on a freshly painted porch 
Ink blots look like milk filled moons on celestial charcoal slabs
They look like terracotta pots filled with 
Love shaped lilacs 
They look like brooding blue, post-sunset skies
Teetering on darkness
Marvelous for a moment

Drucilla Gary

Dru Gary (she/her) is a queer BIPOC poet studying creative writing at OCADU. She loves words and the act of stringing them together to create arrangements that are both beautiful and meaningful. She finds inspiration in the intangible and attempts to create images out of abstract thought in an effort to understand and ground herself. She has written on topics such as love between women, imagined breakups, muddled identity, and Taylor Swift. She ultimately seeks truth and healing through her practice.